Maintaining an in-house team for payroll services can be costly and at the same time, carries the possible risk of confidential data being exposed to staff.

The outsourced payroll service offered by V-ignite is inexpensive and secure. Our payroll service is comprehensive. It is efficient and timely, confidentiality secured, maintains real time records, automates statutory payments and calculates incentive and bonus payments. The system ensures that the process implements with ease and with zero hassle to the company.

Using advanced HR software, V- ignite is capable of managing the entire payroll process including leave and over time management, EPF/ETF calculations as well as issuing salary slips.



Information confidentiality is essential in payroll management. Outsourcing your payroll function can ensure the confidentiality of sensitive staff information

Timely Delivery

The outsourced team will ensure timely delivery and honor deadlines in keeping with the agreement, cutting down any delays.

Reduce Cost

An outsourced service reduce the cost of an in-house team and provide a higher level of expertise through a team of professionals.


A reliable team managing your payroll function will provide peace of mind to focus on other business areas and provide information accuracy, confidentiality, and accountability.