What are V-ignite charges ?

Since it is a customized solution, our charges vary depending on the client’s requirement. Our fees are based on the scope of the work, that can vary depending on the number of transactions or time we spend, etc.

Do you provide full time staff to handle routine work ?

Yes, we provide recruitment services by tying up with a partner agency. We also support the on-boarding process of new recruits.

I have an accountant in-house, should we still use your service?


  • Retention of a junior accountants is easy. But, the retention of an accountants is difficult and expensive.
  • Junior accountants on fulltime basis can handle the routine work
  • V-Ignite’s senior accounting team can manage the accounting department on your behalf
  • Business owners need not worry about the sudden resignation of an in-house junior accountant.
  • We always provide a back-up plan.

Is it too early to get your services for my company ?

Our primary service of periodical accounting will help your organization grow. If you set up good accounting controls from the beginning, it will help you scale up without hassle or risk. Being able to know your performance, position of organization will help you drive your business towards your goal. Therefore, our services would be helpful from the start.

V-Ignite’s related services such as budgeting, costing, pricing, business incorporation services can help even before you start the business.