V-ignite comprise of a team of professionals providing small businesses with consultation services in cash flow improvement, process improvement, business valuations, internal controls improvement and even business turnaround support.

The company offers direct consultancy services as well as mediation services that include sourcing and selecting suitable systems and processes to fuel business growth.

Our consultants will assess existing processes, software and systems and provide guidance on improving areas that restrict growth. In addition, the team’s professional input into functional and operational aspects will enhance the company’s performance.



Our team of professionals comprise of a combined experience of over 30 years, and expertise in multiple fields and industries.

Startup Friendly

While igniting growth in small and startup clients, we make sure our consultancies are aligned to improve their productivity and efficiency.

Reduce Cost

We are mindful that our consultancies must effectively reduce the costs of the business, and increase its efficiency and profitability.

Result Oriented

Supporting clients with the end objective in mind, ensuring their business objectives are fulfilled through our expert consultation.